Nick Mathews Headshot

Nick Mathews

Swamp View Productions

Digital Media Advisor

Nick Mathews has been working for nonprofits for his entire career.  After graduating from Kutztown University with a degree in Oceanography, he worked as a technician for a nonprofit research station in Bermuda for five years.  In addition to managing a team of oceanographic technicians, he developed a specialty in computer programming, website development and videography.


Recently, his passion for supporting the nonprofit community grew to include a wider variety of initiatives including cultural diversity and housing.  Most recently he was the producer of a video series that was created for a college ethics course where students were taught about the impact that certain business practices have on disadvantaged coastal communities.


After spending several years abroad, he decided to come back home to Berks County so he could settle down and be closer to his growing family.  As life-long friends and neighbors of the Boyer family, Nick was inspired by Nancy’s vision for Next Step Berks.  Nick is excited to support Next Step Berks on its journey towards creating a place in Berks county where adults of all abilities can thrive as neighbors.