Our Mission

Create an inclusive neighborhood and home ownership for adults with intellectual disabilities within Berks County.
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Our Core Values


We believe every individual deserves to live in an environment where they are valued and treated with respect.


We believe individuals are the best experts on their individual needs and therefore have the right to choose the living environment that is best suited for them.


We believe that individuals should not live with the fear of losing the home they have created for themselves due to influences beyond their control.


We believe that self-worth and purpose are created in fellowship with other human beings.

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Our Unique Approach

After researching a variety of housing initiatives, we discovered that there was a unique connection between senior citizens and adults with intellectual disabilities when it came to their housing needs.  Both groups generally seek a safe and fulfilling environment while also enjoying the independence and peace of mind that comes with homeownership. Our homes will be built around the idea that everyone deserves to own their own home and live a fulfilling life.  

Where IDD Individuals Live

The overwhelming majority of individuals with IDD live with a family caregiver.  The following study surveyed 202,246 people with IDD in 2015 and found that 73% live with a family caregiver.

Braddock et al. 2016, based on Fujiura 2008, 2012

Ages of IDD Caregivers

The average age of those caring for individuals with IDD is growing higher.  The following study surveyed 148,629 people with IDD in 2015 and found that 29% live with a family caregiver that is over 60 years old.

Braddock et al. 2016, based on Fujiura 2008, 2012

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"Many autistic people, given the right support, live full and satisfying lives. Unfortunately, such support is often lacking, and many autistic adults struggle to find sustainable employment and housing."

– William Mandy, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, UCLA

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned"

– Maya Angelous

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